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Speedy Tuesday - Will the Speedmaster Apollo XI 45th Anniversary And Tintin Function as the Classics Of Tomorrow?Here on Speedy Tuesday we prefer to pay for vintage Speedmaster replica watches in addition to modern models. An issue we quite often receive though, is which current models we believe could be the classics of tomorrow. By modern, we mean the appliances can be bought new today.Models like the Omega Speedmaster Pro Snoopy Award (2003) and Apollo XIII (1995), the panda dialed Mitsukoshi (2003) and Apollo 11 35th Anniversary (2004), you can still find relatively modern and have become very desired. Not in the first place I have to say. A few of these models were in the shops for a long period back then these were introduced anymore fearless . the stock has dried out for 2 years already, an original buyers will easily return what they have to paid for it, along with some premium on many of them.For today's Speedy Tuesday I believed about two modern Speedmaster replica watches that might become tomorrow's classic or at least a sought-after Speedmaster having a really good chance on like a nice investment as well.Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 45th AnniversaryThe first Omega Speedmaster that comes to mind may be the 2014 Omega Speedmaster Pro Apollo XI 45th Anniversary reference 311. We reviewed this watch during the introduction earlier this year, also to will, I have been chasing one myself to increase my private collection. The beautiful Grade-2 titanium case and the Sedna gold bezel get this to a stunning watch, nevertheless the dial - out of one piece - and gold hands really top it. Omega delivered these replica watches and among their new NATO straps. Only tied to 1969 pieces and my favorite guess is because couldn't have predicted this kind of run using this watch. Previously, we've seen special edition of 9999 pieces. The Omega Speedmaster Snoopy Award a production number of 5441 pieces . Was 1969 a blunder or maybe a method to play safe? Would the Speedmaster community reply to a titanium and Sedna gold piece? Plainly wouldn't have noticed it and only saw the specs in theory, I'd personally have transferred one at the same time.Below two photos of our friend Maxtor71 (his Instragram account) and a couple of photos from your own archives. These photos show just how the combination of colours work for this watch, despite having a gold bezel.Now, the initial cause for me to trust that can become an incredibly sought-after model later on, is niagra Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 45th Anniversary almost immediately sold-out to retailers all over the world. And not just that, also did the retailers sell those to customers in a blink in the eye (exceptions noted).The second reason is that it must be an Apollo XI special these tend to excel over time anyway. Apart from the 1999 model (30th anniversary Apollo XI model), and that is one of the slow performers on the Apollo XI. Probably because there is not only a specific detail relating to this watch that means it is recognizable like an Apollo XI special, except for the case back. So as to the common price with this reference 3560.50 model isn't really making a feeling (see our Speedmaster Price Guide here). This new Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 45th Anniversary watch looks distinct from each of the others and causes it to be fascinating to include in someone's Speedmaster collection.1 / 3 cause of the Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 45th Anniversary to become classic of tomorrow is probably the truth that the Grade-2 titanium might offer the watch a bit of punch before long daytona watch rolex . Become an expensive, Grade-2 titanium has the manifestation of changing with time, being a bit darker. Let's wait and watch what is going to happen here. Omega Speedmaster Professional 'Tintin'In 2013, Omega introduced - prior to Baselworld - a new model referred to as the Speedmaster Pro Racing. There wasn't much curiosity about it on the list of on-line Omega communities and neither did I seriously maintain it. Or better said, I didnt understand this watch. The red and white racing pattern didn't often complement with an original Speedmaster racing models. So, on the first day of Baselworld i was lucky enough to function as the first appointment for Omega and sat down because of their head of product, mr Monachon.I remember i always told him which i didn't have the watch being a 'Racing' and whether he could explain it in my opinion. fake rolex So he did, and Monachon explained that this red and white style of the Speedmaster Professional was based on the colours on the rocket within the Tintin comic albums. We position the photos and story on-line soon after our appointment and it will be history. This Omega Speedmaster Professional Racing is actually also known as the Speedmaster Tintin plus it even generated us getting a letter from the legal department from the (legal) individuals who own Herge, the author of Tintin.The first prototype provides the Tintin rocket for the dial, which inturn could not be taken into production for the reason that those who own Herge's images and stories didn't wish to cooperate. sea dweller deepsea price watches It could have already been the great thing ever. However, since the story has become out since primary launch on this watch, it is an intriguing watch by taking the Tintin story into mind. The muse clearly emanates from Tintin's rocket within the albums Destination Moon and Explorers around the Moon.Although we had arrived whispered by a well-informed source that watch could be out of production soon, it is in the on-line catalog. In order to play safe, you should order one as quickly as possible before it truly exits the catalog.The Speedmaster Tintin isn't an huge seller at this time, which will make it a bit simpler for you to source one, but don't forget which the Omega Speedmaster Snoopy Award also didn't sell very well from the outset. Make an effort to purchase one now.The photos here are two hands-on shots from Maxtor71 and also the one far here is from your 2013 article here on Fratello Watches. Obviously we do not understand what Omega will have available for us during BaselWorld 2015, but if you are smart with NASA missions and years, that you can do the math I do believe. ; - ) For the moment, my personal bet is the fact we will see some interesting demand and ditto selling prices around the Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 45th Anniversary model and so on the Omega Speedmaster Professional 'Tintin'.Will you be of the perception that other models are going to be tomorrow's classics? 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