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Important news regarding The Predatorial


Nearly four years ago, I sat in front of my computer at home thinking about the way I wanted to express my thoughts regarding the Nashville Predators.

I was an avid reader and follower of Brandon Felder, who now contributes weekly at The Predatorial with his “In the Corners” columns, and Nashville Predators public address announcer Paul McCann and their work with As time went by, I often found myself wanting to have my own venue to broadcast my own thoughts. After some initial set-up and scribbling my ideas out for what I wanted to do, I had to come up with a name for my own Nashville Predators blog.

Hence The Predatorial was created.

Over 1,200 articles later and with the help of a handful of extremely dedicated and talented individuals, The Predatorial has stayed relevant and continued to prosper as one of the more prominent Nashville Predators blogs. And it will continue to do so for as long as you, the reader, will read it.

However, my personal posts to the site will shrink starting in just under three weeks.

Effective December 1st, 2014, I will be covering the Nashville Predators for FOX Sports. It’s an absolute dream opportunity for me and something I’ve worked arduously for since I started this site back in 2011.

Yet, I know the more prominent question that could be on some of your minds after the aforementioned annoncement: what happens to The Predatorial?

The only thing that will change is that I’ll be stepping back into the primary role of Managing Editor for the site. I’ll still post articles from time to time that will appear exclusively here, but the majority of my work after December 1st will be for FOX Sports.

My current fantastic group of writers (including Evan Lewis, Saralyn Norkus, Hunter Patterson, and Austin Pirkle) will continue their work with the site. Brandon Felder will still bring you your daily dose of realism and “In the Corners” every Sunday. The Predcast will still go live and be available to you, with new episodes every week during the season. I’ll also most likely be looking for new writers to bring in, filling any content void that opens up with my absence.

Ultimately, though, The Predatorial has taught me so much.

It’s taught me what it takes to truly be dedicated to a craft.

It’s taught me to be thankful of every person that helped contribute in any way to help this site succeed (including Evan/Saralyn/Hunter/Austin, Taylor Ezell, James Nelson, Dan Bradley, Chris Link, Brandon Felder for inspiring me to start, and the ever faithful Jeremy Sargent, who was one of the primary reasons this site maintained itself in the early years so I didn’t get burned out. Hopefully I didn’t forget anyone, but if I did I sincerely apologize)

It’s taught me how to be a quality sports journalist, something I’ll never quit learning.

It’s taught me the definition of the word neutrality and how to apply that to what I bring to my work.

Finally, it’s taught me how to appreciate every single person who reads and shares any small amount of content I write. Because if one person finds my work to be acceptable and worthy of a read, then I have done my job.

So, we’re going to continue to bring you all the coverage here at The Predatorial, but look for me on FOX Sports in just a few weeks.

Thanks everyone for following and continuing to follow, the best is yet to come! ')}