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Poile prepared to select a player with 11th overall pick, not trade away


Jun 27, 2014

With time ticking down until the opening round of the NHL Draft begins, Nashville Predators general manager David Poile is a visual representation of the word “composed”. However in the midst of the chaos that is the draft floor, the only general manager the Predators have known anxiously awaits what should be an exciting weekend for the organization.

“I’ve always got the butterflies. Today is kind of our gameday. The scouts work 364 days a year to get to this one opportunity to execute on their gameplan. There are a lot of things that go into this and I’ve been at so many drafts. I know who we want to take and virtually every pick, but what I don’t control is whether they’re going to be there,” said Poile. “Hopefully we’re realistic. Hopefully our ratings are spot on and hopefully a little bit different than some of the teams in front of us. I’ve been at drafts where we got virtually all of our picks and I’ve been at drafts where it seemed the team before you takes your guy. Let’s hope it’s the former today.”

With the 11th overall selection in the first round, Poile had previously mentioned that he had already been contacted by multiple teams in regards to their selection, but knows the only way he’d move the pick would be in return for a top-six forward, something the team has truly had a dire need for.

“I don’t think I’m going to get that, based on what everybody’s offered or what they think of the situation,” said Poile.

As of right now, it doesn’t look much like Poile will trade away from number 11.

“Right now it’s quiet. I think you’ll see after the first four or five players taken, I think you’ll see the phone ring a little bit for teams that want to move back or move up, as it may be. There’s nothing that’s been there that tells me I want to do that. I might call a couple of teams to based on what takes place to maybe move up or move back. Right now, we’re good,” said Poile. “I’m pretty confident we’re going to draft.”

Nashville also has two second round picks, 42nd an 46th overall, they could look at trading to collect a late first round pick, something Poile also mentioned the last time he met with the media.

“That will happen in the late 20’s, that type of situation. I’ve talked to the teams that are there and if there is a player there that we’re looking at, we’ll reach out to teams and see what they’re thinking,” said Poile. “Usually, I find in these situations, the closer you get to the draft and the players, teams really want to execute. What seemed like a good idea last night doesn’t seem so good when your scouts are sitting at the table saying “we need to get that guy.” So we’ll see, you never know.

However, if Poile doesn’t like what he hears on the trade market, he’ll continue along with his original plan an use the 11th overall pick for the best available choice, whether that’s a forward or a defenseman.

“99 percent I would say that. To be honest with you I’d prefer a forward, but there are two highly regarded defenseman in the draft and we’ll have to see if they’re both there. It appears one certainly won’t be there, but I don’t know,” said Poile. “We have our plan, but other people are going to draft ahead of us.”