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Nashville Predators Draft Targets – Kevin Fiala


Jun 23, 2014

2013-2014 Team(s): HV 71 (SHL), HV 71 J20 (SuperElit)

2013-2014 Stats: HV 71 – 17gp, 3g, 8a (11pts). HV 71 J20 – 27gp, 10g, 15a (25pts)

Scouting Report Synopsis (via Hockey’s Future):

“Fiala has excellent balance and the ability to twist and turn at will. Shifty in his skating, the young Swiss man of Czech descent rarely blows a tire or loses his poise. Strong ability to stay on his skates, and avoid checks and physical contact from opponents. His agility is paramount to the effectiveness of his skill set. Holds onto the puck as if it’s glued to his stick. Very tricky as a dangler, especially when entering the zone with speed, something he can generate within three short steps. Extremely creative and loves to put that on display. Seems to have an uncanny ability to determine when teammates are in close vicinity and find them with the puck. Whether shooting or passing, he can generate an almost slingshot-like motion to accurately send the puck where he wants it to go. His shot has gotten better quickly and he displays good on-goal accuracy with it, be it a wrister or slapshot. A go-to guy with game-breaking skills who is turned to when a goal is required, something he often delivers.

Fiala is still on the small side, he’s used to being an individual dynamo and is far from complete in the all-round, defensive zone game. Hasn’t always been known to stick to the coach’s gameplan. Will have to work on his physical strength along the way, which is the case for most 18-year-olds. Were he a head bigger, people may have been talking about him in a top-3 overall capacity.”

Why Nashville WOULD draft Kevin Fiala:

A crafty young soon-to-be 18-year old winger out of Switzerland, Kevin Fiala could provide the Predators with an option of pure mobility to complement its already extensive list of centermen. He tends to find himself in great spots or make his own space on the ice, without turning over the puck or ending up on his back. Nashville’s need for a player that controls the pace of the play, along with the ability to maintain possession in and out of the zone is of utmost importance.

With uncanny accuracy, Fiala can change the overall course of the game in just a matter of seconds. Potentially a cornerstone of any team after the upcoming draft, the possibilities of drafting Fiala can almost be described as tantalizing in respect of what a team like Nashville needs.

Why Nashville WOULD NOT draft Kevin Fiala:

Strength and overall size are the consensus downfall’s when most speak of Fiala. As mentioned in the above comments from Hockey’s Future, some believe he could have easily been a top-three target had he been just a tad bigger. Nashville’s done more with less, even in the size department, however it’s definitely something to consider when using their first round choice if Fiala is available come the 11th pick.

Chance that Nashville drafts Kevin Fiala:

Solid. Fiala is the third of our three targets we feel the Predators could draft come their first choice in the draft. If Fiala is indeed available when it’s Nashville’s turn, it wouldn’t surprise me for them to go ahead and pull the trigger. Fiala is a game-changer and the prospect of adding him to the Predators is absolutely tantalizing.

Photo Credit: SHL