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Could Seth Jones fall to Nashville’s selection?

Photo Credit: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

News last night out of Denver from Adrian Dater is the report that the Colorado Avalanche, directly from the mouth of Joe Sakic, will pass on presumable first overall selection of the draft Seth Jones. Conflicting reports scattered across the first half of Wednesday ranged from Colorado’s likely selection to be Nathan MacKinnon all the way to Aleksander Barkov.

If the Avalanche do intend on passing on Seth Jones with the first overall pick in the draft, it could prove to make what is sure to be an already interesting first round even more enthralling.

Right now, the Predators are looking at choosing a player around Barkov or Nichushkin with their fourth overall selection, however this could easily get jumbled up depending on the actual choices by the teams above them. Based on how Nashville’s organizational draft board is drawn up, there are a multitude of different options that could unfold come time for the Predators to make their selection:

If Colorado doesn’t select Seth Jones

Taking a forward first overall wouldn’t be a real shock to the system. However as most already believe that Jones is likely going to go first, any deviation from that path still throws that wrench in the gears. Colorado choosing one of the top forwards in the draft would give the Panthers an opportunity to draft the highly-coveted Portland Winterhawks defenseman with the second overall selection…

If Florida doesn’t select Seth Jones

Assuming Jones falls, I don’t believe Florida takes a run at him. The Panthers, in my opinion, will take the best available forward come their selection with the second overall choice in the draft. That being the case, Jones could easily fall from first to a possible third selection by Tampa Bay if the Avalanche do not choose him.

If Tampa Bay doesn’t select Seth Jones

Even if Jones gets past Colorado and Florida, it would be incredulous to see a team in need of defense like the Lightning pass over him as well. While a player like Drouin, Barkov, or even Nichushkin could work well in Tampa’s system, the idea of Jones not being drafted by the top three teams makes for quite a different draft scenario for the Predators.

Seeing Jones drop past Colorado and Florida is possible, but dropping lower than the Lightning is where planets truly start aligning.

If Seth Jones is available with the fourth selection in the draft…

This is where things get interesting. If enough coincidences unfold and Jones is still available when Nashville is on the clock, it sets up a very tense selection with their choice in the draft. I believe that Jones is firmly slated as the first selection on Nashville’s draft board. I also believe that Nashville has no intention on faltering from their choices on their own draft board.

If Jones does indeed drop to fourth, expect the Predators to select him if they don’t find a last-minute trade offer that they cannot refuse. Is it possible that a trade offer that sweet comes Nashville’s way in this unlikely scenario? Absolutely. A team like Edmonton for example, who own the seventh overall selection and are direly in need of a great defensive talent on their roster, could easily package up a deal to make any team fawn over.

Teams with multiple selections in the first round like Calgary (three selections: 6th, 22nd, 29th), Buffalo (two selections: 8th and 16th), and Columbus (three selections: 14th, 19th, and 27th) could also try to make a play to get themselves into Nashville’s spot as well.

While I still think Nashville would decline a possible trade offer, anything can happen in the minutes leading up to and during a team’s draft selection, oftentimes when some of the best deals are offered and agreed upon.

Is it far-fetched to think Seth Jones will be available for Nashville? Probably. Is it possible? Never say never.