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Have time to help a 10 year old boy? All you need is five minutes…


I was alerted to this yesterday as a friend of mine at the office sent an email around regarding the child of a family friend of his that has been diagnosed with a brain tumor at the young age of 10.

Below is the email and the young man’s address as well, please give it a read. If you have time, and even perhaps a dollar or two, please send it along to Brady. My wife’s sister passed away from a brain tumor nearly two decades ago, so this hits close to home for our family.

So, if you have five minutes to make a card and send it, feel free to. I know Brady, and his parents, would greatly appreciate it. If you have any other questions that may not be answered here, feel free to email me at

From my friend, Kasey:

“So I wanted to send you all a quick message in regards to a friend who could use some of our help if you have a minute or two today.  A 10 year old boy named Brady- the son of some close friends has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor- he was showing signs of puberty early, his mom took him to the doctor, demanded some tests and they found a tumor pressing on his pituitary gland (hence the early onset puberty).

He is heading into the hospital and should be in surgery this week, with an ample amount of recovery time expected.  His family has asked a few of us to reach out to our friends & friends with children and ask if you feel like it, to send him a get well card from you and/or your kids.  By no means feel obligated, but they also said he loves legos so if you can spare a $1 that would be pretty awesome too. They’re hoping his hospital room will be flooded with cards from people all over the country that he doesn’t even know. I know the family and Brady would really appreciate it.  Thanks in advance everyone!

Their address is:

Brady Peabody
30 Woodmere Drive
Trumball, CT 06611″