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A New Extension of The Predatorial - Coming Soon - The Predatorial | The Predatorial

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A New Extension of The Predatorial – Coming Soon


Over the past 6 months, you’ve heard the voice of Kristopher Martel (owner/operator of The Predatorial), Dan Bradley, and Chris Link collaboratively bring you the show known as the Monday Night Forehand every Monday night at 8pm CST.

Our job? To bring you all the hockey knowledge that we can fit into an hour slot (sometimes longer). We here at The Predatorial pride ourselves on our ever-growing coverage of the Nashville Predators, the Monday Night Forehand was just an extension of that coverage over the past half-year.

Now, it’s time for a change of scenery. Same cast/crew, better quality, and the best Preds coverage that you can find; just a new venue, a new name, and possibly a different day/time.

While we’re thankful for HasBeenSports, and they’ve been nothing but the best towards us as they initially presented us with this opportunity, we’re moving on to different pastures.

Check out the promo below for our new show, which we hope to debut sometime next week.

Thanks for all the listens since September, without your continual support we wouldn’t even be this far. Stay tuned!