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The Predatorial’s 2013 New Years Resolutions


To be honest? 2012 was a marvelous year. We increased viewership by 15%, teamed up with all-around good guy Dan Bradley on the very successful Monday Night Forehand podcast on Monday nights, teamed up with HasBeenSports to be a part of some great events and definitely more great events in the future, helped found the inaugural Central Division Tweetup which was hosted last year in Columbus and now this year in Nashville, and have made some great friends and partnerships as well.

So, what’s in store for 2013 (or what we hope) you ask? That’s a great question:


Last year we brought you 262 articles for your reading pleasure. This year I’d like to increase that number a bit. While 262 is way over the 1-every-other-day mark, I’d ideally LOVE to bring that number to 365 or more. Will it happen? With a compressed NHL season on the books starting here in the next week or so and what can only be described as a crazy year for hockey in 2013? Perhaps. Gotta raise the bar, though!


Well, some of this will pertain to personal finances, but I’m attempting to cover a few things this upcoming year, including the 2013 NHL Draft for starters. I’m striving to make The Predatorial one of your favorite stops on the Nashville Predators Blogosphere Train Line, however to make it better I have to produce more coverage. Whether it’s the live game tweets, practice/training camp visits, or radio coverage with Monday Night Forehand, we here at The Predatorial are making it our goal to make this a one-stop shop for everything Nashville Predators related.


Always best to try new things right from the start, eh? I have a few ideas which I would like to implement this year, including the following:

  • Audio transcription of all articles, that way you can listen to the article instead of reading it, especially if you don’t have the time to pull up the site. We hope to make this available on iTunes, so you can just sync up to the site that way and download all the game previews, reviews, and articles and listen to them at your leisure
  • Finalization and optimization of “The Ultimate Blogroll”, something I’m sure a lot of you didn’t know existed here on The Predatorial. A small pet project of mine, I’m attempting to make The Ultimate Blogroll a place where you can find all the best blogs across the National Hockey League all on the same page. While it still needs some more tweaks, for the most part it works A-OK.
  • Visual changes to The Predatorial will be coming probably by the end of the first quarter. While we love our current design and logo, we will be optimizing it to better suit you and the on-going changes across the web.
  • Opening a store for The Predatorial was something I thought about doing last year, however I didn’t know what I would sell. Now, though, I have some ideas I could put in there and see if you enjoy them just the same. Maybe that comes to fruition very soon.
  • Weekly video updates could also start sometime soon as well, being pulled in multiple directions has kind of stopped that for the most part. Hopefully that changes and I can get a little more personal with everyone and show you my face more to the ones who haven’t seen me.

All in all, there are quite a few changes, updates, and ideas that we here at The Predatorial plan on getting done this year. Whether that happens or not is yet to be seen, however stick with us and keep following us down the road we’re on, we can only hope things keep going up for us!

Thanks for reading!