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Recapping the Shea Weber public press conference... - The Predatorial | The Predatorial

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Recapping the Shea Weber public press conference…


If you didn’t get a chance to check out my Twitter feed from earlier, there were a ton of great quotes from owner Tom Cigarran, CEO Jeff Cogen, and General Manager David Poile. Below are all of my tweets in a chronological order. Bold/italicized comments are tweets I made of my own opinion:

“It’s a good day to be a Predators fan” – Tom Cigarran

“Shea is our leader, we did what it took to keep him a Predator” – Tom Cigarran

“Other organizations can see that the Nashville Predators will not be pushed around by teams in bigger markets” – Tom Cigarran

“The answer was always [from a hockey perspective], ‘Yes match’” – Jeff Cogen

“We owe it to these fans to continue what we are doing and build upon it, not go backwards” – Jeff Cogen

“We can’t wait to get started and to prove to you [the fans] that we made the right decision” – Jeff Cogen

Shea Weber learned of the match directly from Barry Trotz himself

Poile is telling stories. It’s like a CMT Crossroads

“To me, this has been the best 2 years of this franchise” – David Poile

“We are a team that is competing, a team that is aggressive, and we have the ownership to back it up” – David Poile

Cogen said he informed the staff first before releasing the PR. Then the building erupted inside

“It wasn’t a question of if we couldn’t come up with the money over the first four years.” – Tom Cigarran

“We concluded that we can definitely be the team we want to be AND pay Shea Weber’s contract” – Tom Cigarran

“I think Roman Josi and Ryan Ellis will play a bigger role for us” – David Poile

“I’ve talked to them, but I have to talk to them about the details” – David Poile on Weber’s alleged NTC that was being asked for

“We don’t have Ryan Suter back, but we DO have Shea Weber” – David Poile

Poile mistakingly said Weber was a Norris Trophy winner. This clearly means Poile is a time traveler

“Colin Wilson, who we just signed, I’m SURE is going to have his best year” – David Poile

“Rebuilding? I’m not thinking about that. I didn’t like that word/phrase. That’s not in our gameplay, the word ‘rebuild’” – David Poile

“You’ve never heard Weber say anything negative about Nashville. He’s a top player, he wants to win” – David Poile

“I think if Ryan would have signed here, Shea would have signed here at the same time. When he didn’t, it changed things” – David Poile

“Shea knew, when he signed the offer sheet, that he was going to play the next 14 years in Philly or Nashville” – David Poile


Those were the most important tidbits that we took from it. Let us know your thoughts! We’ll get the audio of the media press conference with Trotz/Weber later today if we can and post it.