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Odds and Ends: Chapter III


Time for another rare edition of “Odds and Ends”, my third chapter of my random thoughts from around the league. Last one of these I did in October and now is about high time to do another, so let’s start it up with the forerunner that is bothering me…

  • There is a “rumor” being floated around the interwebs that Suter’s rights are going to be traded before the NHL Draft next weekend and could possibly be traded to Detroit for a 2nd round pick. First off, let me explain to everyone why this is improbable:

    Only 3 times in Nashville’s history have they ever done business directly with Detroit:

    -In 1998, Nashville traded forward Doug Brown to Detroit for Petr Sykora, a 3rd Round Pick in the ’99 Entry Draft and Future Considerations.

    -In 2000, Nashville traded their 4th Round Pick in the 2000 Entry Draft for Detroit’s 3rd Round Pick in the 2001 Entry Draft.

    -In 2002, Nashville traded their 3rd Round Pick in the 2002 Entry Draft for Detroit’s 3rd Round Pick in the 2003 Entry Draft

    See the history there? What do you REALLY think the odds are that Nashville trades the rights to the biggest UFA defenseman on the market this season to their greatest in-division rival for a measly lower-half 2nd round pick?

    Granted, as most everyone will tell me, “annnnnnnnnnnnything can happen Kristopher!” Yeah, that’s true, but do I think he will trade those rights to Detroit? No, no I do not. I still whole-heartedly believe Suter is going to put his feet in the Free Agency Pool to see how the water feels before coming back to Nashville ultimately.


  • Another fun rumor out there, this time about Roberto Luongo being traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs. I really think that Toronto is in for a world of sadness if they bring in Luongo to their squad. First and foremost, one of the reasons Luongo is asking to be traded away from the Canucks has to be due to the fact that Schneider pretty much usurped his number 1 spot during their first round loss to the Los Angeles Kings (and Schneider is a good goaltender, don’t get me wrong). However, I speculate another reason could be because of the Vancouver media that have been hounding him about it as well.

    Maybe I’m wrong about that, but it’s not going to get much better in Toronto. That’s like moving from New York to Los Angeles when you’re “trying to get away from it all.” Quick comparison: What happened to J.S. Giguère when he was traded to Toronto from Anaheim? About the same thing I think will happen to Luongo as well.

    Wait wait, am I saying Luongo is going to get a groin injury and be up-ended by a rising star from the AHL levels? No, I’m just saying I don’t think it will work out with him being in Toronto if that crazy rumor comes to fruition.


  • Reports are coming out of Russia this morning that Radulov’s rights have been purchased from Salavat for somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 million dollars:

    1) Radulov isn’t coming back to Nashville next season, so watching this all unfold is becoming increasingly entertaining. Someone buys his rights in Russia, just so they can try and sign him to a long term deal. Nashville tries to trade his rights to the highest bidder, so that team can try to sign him to a long term deal to prevent him from going back to the KHL. If you can’t see the humor in that, then I’m leaving right now

    2) If you’re Alexander Radulov, boy aren’t you in a lucky position? If that 8 million dollar figure is correct out of Russia, just imagine the amount of money that is being thrown at him from across the pond. Just think: A Peyton Manning- type of contract. Ooooooodles of oil money just being flooded over to him.

    3) I ultimately think Radulov goes back home to the KHL. As much as I’d like to hope he stays in the NHL to try and win a cup, just to the chagrin of the Predators fans who are still lamenting over the losses of Rich Peverley and Ramzi Abid, I think he goes back home and becomes the poster boy for the CSKA hockey team and turns into Sergei Federov’s new golden child.


  • We’re sad to see the closing of shop over at Red Light District hockey. Ryan Porth is a consumate professional in all of his work and always brought the best news over on his site from around the league. He’ll be turning his attention primarily to his website (Another great Predators blog), but his years of service bringing us the league-wide news will surely be missed.


  • Finally, what are you doing on the last weekend of July? If your answer is anything other than heading up to Columbus for the inaugural Central Division Tweet Up, then your answer is incorrect. We’ll have more information over the coming weeks, but check here for all your information on this awesome event and the weekend’s itenerary.