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Your City Needs You. Your Team Needs You. Nashville Needs You


Photo Credit: Mark Humphrey/AP

In preparation for tomorrow night, Nashville’s faithful have to be loud and have to be proud. The Sea of Gold has to shine on national television for all to see and it’s time that Nashville breaks some noise records come tomorrow evening against the Detroit Red Wings.

This year it’s Nashville’s year…and they know it. Brandon Felder eluded earlier that it’s almost like a perfect storm in the sense that it is an “All In” type attitude for the Nashville Predators. They start the playoffs against the Detroit Red Wings, who can only be described as the one team that Nashville WANTS to beat…is YEARNING to beat…NEEDS to beat in the playoffs.

Take a moment, if you will, and imagine this:

You wake up, rub the dust out of your eyes, and slowly get out of your bed.

You go through your morning routine just as you usually would…but today is different. Do you put the same pair of socks on? What about turning a certain shirt inside-out? You certainly won’t shave, because it’s that time of the year.

You get your Predators gear ready to come with you, whether it’s to school or to your job, you have it ready to go. You may have already told everyone that you’re wearing that beautiful gold jersey today. You slip it on, grab your things, and head out the door for your daily routine.

The clock slowly grinds it’s way around in a circle, never seeming to move. Every time you peer at it, it doesn’t appear to move. 9am…10am…11am…the hours can’t go past quick enough. Lunch? Who’s thinking about lunch? The adrenaline in your body is already pumping hard enough to maintain your system. Every second that passes the nerves inside continue to twitch with the want and the need to step into that arena and watch the boys in gold skate across the ice on their way to a victory.

Finally, you look up at the clock…it reads 4:55pm. Almost there. You pack up your things and start getting ready for your trip to the epicenter of the country music capitol of the world, Nashville. You nearly can’t think straight as you’re driving in the direction of the arena, all you can think of is how you’re going to feel in about 3-4 hours time. Jubilation? Despair?

You park your car and make your way towards the friendly confides of Bridgestone Arena. After your pre-game ritual, if you have one, you make your way inside and towards your seat.

There, a beautiful gold t-shirt is waiting for you in your seat, quietly reminding you that it’s there for you if you didn’t wear gold. If you did wear gold? Then you have something to wave proudly in the air.

The excitement is building, the tension is growing, everything you’ve waited for all year is boiling up to this and you’re ready for the puck to drop.

The players come out for warmups, it’s nearly unbearable now. You want to stand up and shout to the Heavens with all your might, but not yet….not yet, it’s not time.

The players leave…and the lights dim. You know it’s getting close. The usual musings from the ever-lovable Paul McCann seem to slowly get drowned out by impromptu cheers starting up throughout the arena: “Let’s Go Preds” or “Let’s Go Predators”, with the usual clan of the Cellblock 303 leading the way. It’s almost sad that no one can hear Paul, but it’s the last thing you’re worried about.

The starting lineup of the Detroit Red Wings is announced, and all you can hear very clearly is the word “SUCKS” every time a name is announced. It doesn’t take long, and the chants start-up again.

Gnash comes out, and he doesn’t have to pump up the crowd, it’s already to a decibel level that is usually reached after a goal is scored. Gnash beats on his drum….and then the lights go dark.

That’s when you hear it.

That’s when the piano keys begin.

“I’m ready….come on”

And that’s when you hear the lyrics:

“Feel it comin’ in the air, and the screams from everywhere. I’m addicted to the thrill, it’s a dangerous love affair”

Rhianna isn’t two words into her first lines and the roof explodes on Bridgestone Arena.

This is what you live for, it’s what you breath, your culmination as a fan and your team’s efforts all comes down to the next few weeks and you’re ready to do your part to give them the energy they need for that little extra push they may need when they’re tired…hurting…or can’t move on another inch.

You’re ready, as a fan…you’re ready. You’re ready to be there for the Boys in Gold. You’re ready to stand with them. You’re ready to stand up and say “I’m PROUDLY a Nashville Predators fan.” Forget what happens this summer, FORGET what happens tomorrow, LIVE by the motto of ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Worry about the now, worry about the moment.

If Run This Town is played tomorrow night as the intro video, and even throughout the entire playoffs, use it, use it to pump you up if for some unfathomable reason you’re not already pumped up.

This is a call to arms. This is a call for Nashville Predators fans around the world to join in, join together, and shout to the world, “This is our time”.

Read the lyrics:

“Who’s going to run this town tonight?”

We are. THIS IS PRED NATION and it’s time you pledge your allegiance.

Join with us, STAND with your fellow brothers and sisters in Gold. It’s your time as a fan to be the difference maker. It’s YOUR time to help the Predators down their stretch towards Lord Stanley’s Cup.

It’s your turn Predators fans. Stand together. Join one another as a family. Make sure that the Detroit Red Wings know who you are. Make sure that the NHL Network, TSN, NBC, ESPN, and the rest of them know who you are. Make sure that the United States of America, the nation of Canada, and the whole world KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Predators fans. This is your time. It’s your time to run this town.