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Poile Looking for a Big Trade? Who Could be Out There?


David Poile went on the record today for the City Paper, saying he wanted to make a big trade yet was pessimistic at the fact that there are few true “sellers” at this juncture of the season.

Opening up a little more in detail about what goes on in these final weeks coming up to the trade deadline, Poile give us a chance to see why being a General Manger in the NHL during the months of January and February can is more stressful than anything we could possibly imagine.

David Boclair over at the City Paper had this in his article:

The problem, Poile believes, is that the vast majority of the league’s other 29 teams feel as if they will be there too. As of the start of play Monday, the difference between seventh place and 12th place in the Western Conference was six points and the difference between seventh and 11th in the Eastern Conference was 10 points.

“In the next two weeks, if nothing changes – meaning if everybody plays approximately .500 – who are the sellers?” he said. “There usually are a lot more sellers at the trade deadline than there currently are and than currently looks to be on Feb. 27. How many teams are going to be sellers on Feb. 27?”

Arguably the best deals in franchise history have been made weeks in advance of the trade deadline rather than in the final hours. Center Mike Fisher was added last year on Feb. 10, and left wing Steve Sullivan was acquired on Feb. 16, 2004.

Now in that same window of opportunity, Poile is working the phones.

“Today, when you make a call, I’m one of 20 teams that’s calling one of four or five teams and we’re all calling about the same player,” Poile said. “So it’s clearly a seller’s market.

“It means that there’s not going to be the high-end players available. It means that the price for whatever you’re going to do … you’re going to have to pay an outrageous, inflated value to get a player whether he’s a rental or he’s a signed player.”

Though the “four or five” teams clearly isn’t mentioned in the article, one could assume those would at least include Columbus, Anaheim, and Edmonton from the Western Conference and perhaps Carolina/Montreal from the East.

Boclair continues on in the article with this very interesting tidbit:

Still, he insists he is prepared to make a deal, even one on the scale of the trade that brought Peter Forsberg to town for the final two months of the 2006-07 season

“If that opportunity presents itself we will do that,” Poile said. “But, is that big trade going to be available to the Nashville Predators or – for that matter – anybody else?

“… I’m always open to doing that. I want to do that.”

I believe this is the first time Poile has ever come on the record as saying he has wanted to make a big deal. Now, he does preface it with “if the opportunity presents itself” and “I’m always open to doing that”, but the real key was the “I want to do that”.

Partaking in the NHL national past time of “Couch GM”, I hearby present to you some of the big named players (in my opinion) that currently play on teams potentially becoming sellers in the next 7-10 days:



Bobby Ryan: $5.1mil per year, signed through 2015 – 19g, 12a in 51 games

*Ryan Getzlaf: $5.3mil per year, signed through 2013 – 8g, 27a in 51 games


Thomas Vanek: $7.1mil per year, signed through 2014 – 19g, 22a in 50 games

*Derek Roy: $4mil per year, signed through 2013 – 10g, 16a in 50 games

Drew Stafford: $4mil per year, signed through 2015 – 8g, 16a in 50 games


*Tuomo Ruutu: $3.8mil per year, upcoming UFA – 16g, 11a in 54 games

Jussi Jokinen: $3mil per year, signed through 2014 – 7g, 21a in 51 games

Chad LaRose: $1.7mil per year, signed through 2013 – 11g, 10a in 46 games


Rick Nash: $7.8mil per year, signed through 2018 – 17g, 17a in 52 games

Vinny Prospal: $2.5mil per year, upcoming UFA – 9g, 23a in 52 games

RJ Umberger: $4.6mil per year, signed through 2017 – 7g, 13a in 47 games

*Jeff Carter: $5.3mil per year, signed through 2021 (!?!?) – 11g, 7a in 31 games


Ales Hemsky: $4.1mil per year, upcoming UFA – 4g, 18a in 39 games


Andrei Kostitsyn: $3.25mil per year, upcoming UFA – 12g, 11a in 43 games

Travis Moen: $1.5mil per year, upcoming UFA – 9g, 7a in 46 games


Matt Moulson: $3.1mil per year, signed through 2014 – 23g, 23a in 51 games


Teddy Purcell: $2.4mil per year, signed through 2013 – 13g, 15a in 50 games


Any player with a star plays the position of Center, a position that the Predators are currently stacked with.

Now, looking at the players listed above, there is at least one player that sticks out as a sore thumb in the “No Way in Hell” category (Rick Nash, CBJ) and at least one that doesn’t seem like it would be possible to pick up the crazy salary of (Thomas Vanek, BUF), however there are some very plausible ideas in this list.

One idea I can go ahead and pretty much shut down is Jeff Carter to Nashville. Although most already know this has a VERY slim chance of happening anyways, a source of mine that is extremely close to the Blue Jackets and the Jeff Carter situation itself told me that the odds of Carter being traded to Nashville was “less than 1%”, noting that anything is possible “but if anything were to happen, it would most likely be with the Los Angeles Kings”

No, I’m not Eklund and I’m not Creasy and I’m not going to spout off silly rumors, but after a lengthy discussion with him [my source], it seems like the #BarterForCarter Twitter petition may fall up short….extremely short.

Could Nashville pick up a Bobby Ryan from Anaheim? Giving them a consistent 30-goal scorer for the next few years?

Could Nashville pick up a Chad LaRose from Carolina? A 6 year veteran including a Stanley Cup win with the Hurricanes.

Could Nashville pick up a Andrei Kostitsyn from Montreal? Marking a re-union with his brother Sergei, Nashville would gain a player averaging 20+ goals a year over the past 4 years.

What’s your thoughts on this? I could be dead on, I could be way off, either way who knows. Regardless, at least you have some food for thought in preparation of this very nerve-racking upcoming trade deadline.