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“When You Believe in Things That You Don’t Understand…”


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Why the need to suffer for such silly rituals? The greatest of players to the just budding mite players have certain ways and means of going about getting ready for a hockey game. Fans embrace these rites of passage by not shaving in the playoffs or wearing a certain combination of jersey, undershirt, knit hat and shorts for every game in a win streak (present company included).

Does it really make a difference or is it just an accepted philosophy of the weak-minded to have control of the uncontrollable?

There are plenty of images and interviews of hockey players that show that a steadfast routine of eating at certain places or lacing up skates at certain intervals is the tradition and be damned to anyone who gets in the way of fate. Not to mention the myths surrounding whether or not to touch the Stanley Cup unless you have won one. And by this extent, how many times have you seen a team’s captain handle the Prince of Wales Trophy or the Clarence Campbell Bowl after winning their respective conference championship?

Just try walking on the emblem in the middle of the players’ dressing room. You will be escorted off the premises around the league for such an offense. Try taping up or even touching most NHL’ers sticks before game time. Crosby has been known to throw those sticks away lest they be fouled by the unclean hands of the masses.

Nashville is no exception.

Trotz has frequented a certain sub sandwich facility on stretches of good play. Tootoo is always the last fist bump down the hall leading to the ice at every home game. David Legwand is always first out on the ice and the only one to knock out the pucks for play.

But the newest addition to these ranks is Pekka Rinne…

After playing decent, but sub-par compared to his exploits last season, Rinne decided on December 28th that it was time for a change. Rinne, who had been wearing a mask commemorating the Music City symbolism as seen in numerous designs and patches on the Gold Jerseys, instead switched back to his “Monster behind the mask” helmet (See Above Picture). This helmet served him and the Predators well last year and brought Pekka Rinne to his first Vezina nod and the team to the second round of the playoffs.

And what have the results been after the transformation to a more superstitiously-enabled lid? Only that the Predators have been one of the hottest teams in the NHL and Pekka Rinne has been in the elite goalie category since December 28th.

In the thirteen games since December 28th, Pekka Rinne has averaged a SV% of .940 and has a GAA of 1.66. He has won an impressive nine games in a row and collected 10 wins in the month of January, a feat never accomplished by a Nashville netminder.

Although our trusted site operator says that “superstitions are garbage” (Source:@ThePredatorial…LOL) it does make one wonder how these things play out and in the words of many a soothsayer and believers in ritualistic patterns of dress and custom: “You never talk to a pitcher in the middle of a no-hitter.”

What say you? Are you an ardent believer in things unexplainable or do you fall to the realistic side? What are some of your pre- or post-game customs or celebrations?

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