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What NHL Teams Should the HBO Series 24/7 Follow?


After watching a recap of the HBO show Hard Knocks (which is an in-depth look at training camps from the NFL) and the wondrous job HBO did last year in the “Road to the Winter Classic” series between the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins, I began to wonder what would be the best two teams that HBO could focus on for an upcoming series or feel-good story about overcoming the odds and performing at a higher level than anticipated.

The first and most obvious choice is to follow the same format as the Pittsburgh/Washington Winter Classic and get a bird’s eye view of the two teams participating in the Winter Classic this year in Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA. Watching the build up of two rivals such as the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers would make for amazing television as did heated rivalry between Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin, two of the most prolific players in the NHL today. This energy and bitterness spilled over into some amazing hockey moments in the games leading into the New Year’s Day event and I’m sure that having the Flyers and Rangers go at it for a couple weeks before the Bridgestone Winter Classic would amount to cable television gold.

My question to the readers of The Predatorial is which teams would you rather see? If the NHL strays from the Winter Classic format what teams would make for the best storylines and nastiest rivalries in the NHL? Would it be Montreal vs. Toronto? Chicago vs. Detroit? Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh? Maybe a rivalry that is relatively new to the NHL that has become a heated exchange between the team that is the established watermark of excellence and the team looking year in and year out to knock them off their perch as perennial Central division leaders…Nashville vs. Detroit.

We want to know what you think and why? Divulge your cases in the comment section below. Looking forward to seeing who hates who and why HBO should take notice of your team and their exploits.