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Trotz says “we’ll match” any offer sheet for Weber


A report from Craig Custance at The Sporting News was release around 3pm CST stating that Trotz went on the record saying that any offer sheet that is given to Shea Weber that the Predators will “match it”.

(See the full article here)

Very strong words from Coach Trotz about his current captain, something I can’t remember him ever saying before on any level about any player, which is a reason in and of itself to be shocked that the following was the actual quote from him:

“We’ll just match it. I can tell you, whatever they offer, it’ll just get matched. I know he’s going to get done. I can tell you that. They’ve had some good discussions”

Trotz’s statements bode well for Preds fans, however what does this tell other teams around the league about July 1st?

If July 1st does come and Shea Weber still hasn’t been re-signed by the Predators, you have to wonder how many teams will come out and try to see if Trotz and Co. were bluffing or if they really will sign any offer sheet.

I still believe that Weber’s contract will be taken care of before the 1st, however this is all the more incentive to really step on the gas and get that contract taken care of just so that this offer sheet war isn’t something that the Predators (and subsequently, their fans) have to go through and witness

Thanks to my friend @DarkBlueJacket, let’s keep in mind what happened between San Jose and Chicago this past off-season:

San Jose signed Hjalmarsson to an offer sheet, Chicago matched and upped it. Chicago put a good chunk into Hjalmarsson’s salary and it hurt their ability to re-sign/sign other players as well.

Chicago was bounced in the first round this post season while San Jose was jettisoned in the Conference Finals.

I know this didn’t play a factor in the end-game of both teams, but the money that Chicago gave up for a bloated salary for Hjalmarsson definitely could’ve helped them in other aspects as well.

That being said, Poile has his work cut out for him over the next month