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Trotz says “we’ll match” any offer sheet for Weber

A report from Craig Custance at The Sporting News was release around 3pm CST stating that Trotz went on the record saying that any offer sheet that is given to Shea Weber that the Predators will “match it”. (See the full article here) Very strong words from Coach Trotz about his current captain, something I can’t remember him ever saying...

Odds and Ends: Chapter I

Last night, the Vancouver Canucks eliminated the San Jose Sharks in 5 games, which all but solidified that ANY prediction I make via Twitter will go the opposite way (!/PredsFan_303/status/73151436648742912) Watching the replay of Game 5 last night and focusing on the last 30 seconds of the game, watching that particular play unfold and...

The Key to the Nashville Predators Off-season Signings, Part 2

Entering the second half of The Predatorial’s look at the Predators off-season player acquisition tasks, we will be looking at the current active roster players that may/will have an opportunity to test free agency. There are currently NINE active roster players in the organization that have contracts expiring into some type of Free Agent status, which...

The Key to the Nashville Predators Off-season Signings, Part 1

Coming into the 2011 off-season for the Predators, Nashville has a lot of work to do to figure out which pieces of the puzzle will remain in both the current roster and current NON-roster players There are currently TWENTY-THREE players in the organization that have contracts expiring into some type of Free Agent status, however let me break it down a bit: 9 of...

It’s been one week…

Cheers, towels being thrown on the ice, the classic handshake line, beards being shaven, the season came to a close 6 days ago, but it nearly feels like an eternity. However, with the one week ago today, many members of Predator nation were hoping that today would be the start of Nashville’s first trip to the Western Conference Finals, yet this was not to...

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