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The Blake Geoffrion Show! Special Guest Marty Erat! 4-3 Preds in OT


Courtesy of ESPN

MARCH IS GOOOOOOD! The Predators give up 3 unanswered goals before scoring 3 unanswered goals in 2:54 seconds to snatch victory away from the Buffalo Sabres and win this one 4-3 in Overtime, grabbing 2 HUGE points

Special Teams:

Powerplay – 0 for 0, 100% (We’re PERFECT ON THE POWERPLAY!!!)
Powerplay For The Season – 36 for 238, 15.1%

Penalty Kill – 2 for 3, 67%
Penalty Kill For The Season – 37 for 248, 85.1%

Best Play of the Game: Blake Geoffrion’s second goal of the game. Just a scrappy kind of goal where he kept swatting at Ryan Miller until it just fluttered in between his pads and made the game 3-2 Buffalo with only 2:27 left in the game

Worst Play of the Game: I sometimes question whether Kevin Klein can skate backwards or not. TWICE tonight Kevin was caught with his back turned to the play and twice the puck ended up in the back of our net. Kevin…you get paid to WATCH the puck and defend it…NOT look at your own net. Sometimes I wonder why they re-signed you.

Players (Good and Bad) of the Game:
The Good: Blake Geoffrion – The rookie gets his FIRST career hat trick in his 11th career game with 3 beautiful hard working goals. This kid is going to be really special for this team

The Bad: Kevin Klein – He lucked out by being on ice for a couple of our goals, but Klein was just plain awful tonight. Whether anyone thinks it’s duly warranted or not, Kleinneeds to remember that there are only 9 GAMES LEFT UNTIL THE POST-SEASON. You do what you’re doing now during the post-season? You better believe you will be hated by ALL of Pred Nation

My Preds #1 Star: Blake Geoffrion – How can you not give it to the kid? 6 goals, 1 assist, 11 career games. Talk about buying into the Nashville Predators/Barry Trotz system. This kid is getting offense whenever he can find it, something the Predators have dearly missed.

Synopsis: Two of my friends came over to watch this game with me on my big screen. All was well until a little after the Preds 1st goal when I uttered the phrase, without thinking, “Boy, if Lindy gets the shutout tonight, that would do wonders for him”. I didn’t even think about what I just said. Well, Jen and Ben (my friends) BOTH looked at me in disappointment and literally questioned my sanity as to why I just jinxed the Predators.

At the time, I didn’t think of it and just hoped the Hockey Gods didn’t hear that one. Well, here comes the second period. 2 goals in 42 seconds and a powerplay goal near the end of the period. I sat in my chair, a bit quieter than usual and starting to feel the blame of what I had did. The second period ended, the third period came and about 15 minutes past and I felt absolutely horrible. Until about 2:27 left in the third when Blake Geoffrion scored his second goal.

I started to believe

I was out of my chair and I started to believe

I turned to both Jen and Ben and said “here we go! The Preds are going to save my butt!” I believed. I believed the Preds would some how WILL themselves into at LEAST a point in this game and get to overtime, and BOY I was right. Geoffrion tipped in a Franson laser from the point and tied the game with 1:23 left in the third and the goalie pulled. And then? I felt the comeback was going to be finished.

But in only 27 seconds!?!?!?!? I had no clue! Marty Erat sealed the comeback by getting sweet redemption from his missed breakaway earlier in the game. Marty Erat sealed the comeback and the Hockey Gods gave myself, a humble blogger and Predators fan, a pass on the night.

I’m so superstitious it’s awful…but I got a pass tonight

Playoff Outlook: 86 points, Currently, 6th place/Tied for 5th – 3 point out of 4th, 8 points out of 2nd

Best of 19 Record: 6-2-2

March Record: 6-2-2

What SportsClubStats Says?: 99 points gets the Predators a guaranteed playoff spot. We’re 13 points out with 9 games remaining. Little margin for error

Thanks for reading!