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Nashville Slips in Some Oil, Lose to Edmonton 2-1


Courtesy of ESPN

Tonight, the Predators dropped a stunner to the Oilers, 2-1 in a shootout

Special Teams:

Powerplay – 0 for 3, 0%
Powerplay For The Season – 32 for 213, 15.0%

Penalty Kill – 3 for 3, 100%
Penalty Kill For The Season – 33 for 227, 85.5%

Best Play of the Game: Hands down this goes to Blake Geoffrion. The young man picks up his first ever NHL goal at 12:45 of the first period with a great behind-the-back pass from Ryan Suter

Worst Play of the Game: Not converting on another one of the 34 additional shots on Martin Gerber that did not make it in the net. This is another costly loss on the season and not a good way to start the month of March OR this 4 game Canada road trip.

Players (Good and Bad) of the Game:
The Good: Pekka Rinne – Played a hell of a game for the Predators but just couldn’t get any offensive help from his teammates. 25 saves on 26 shots

The Bad: Kevin Kline – I didn’t really find one particular individuals play to be particularly poor, as the team overall played a solid game, so I’ll place the blame on Kevin Kline’s inept running of David Legwand during overtime. It’s REALLY hard to try and think as to what Klein was doing there…

My Preds #1 Star: Again, giving this to Pekka Rinne. Kept the Predators in this game, like he usually does, but another loss gets added to his record.

Synopsis: Overall it was a really good game played by the Predators, however there is still one glaring issue here…1 goal…1 goal scored. Jarred Smithson said it best during the postgame when he said that this team can’t expect to score 1 goal and win. When are the Predators going to learn that they HAVE to drive to the net, they HAVE to fire the puck every chance they get, and they HAVE to get more than 1 goal a game? This is just another loss that could have easily been won by this team, however the Predators have yet again pried a loss out of the jaws of victory.

They have 3 games left in this road trip against 3 extremely good and dangerous teams, however 1 goal is going to only result in losses for this team so the Predators need to find their offense and find it fast…before they find themselves planning their tee times like St. Louis

Let’s try to remember, readers: MARCH IS GOOD MARCH IS GOOD MARCH IS GOOD…

Next game is Thursday SMARCH 3rd against the Vancouver Canucks at 9:00pm


Playoff Outlook: 73 points, Currently, 9th place – 1 point out of 6th and 2 points out of 5th, 11 points out of the Division Lead

Best of 19 Record: 0-0-1

Smarch Record: 0-0-1

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