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Gameday Thoughts – Stars VS Predators: Game 62


The Predators come in to Dallas, TX and play against the Stars in game 62 for the Predators.

Looking at the Stars: Whew, you think the Predators are having it bad right now? Be happy you’re not a Stars fan. Oh the end of January was such a good time for the Stars, they were 30-15-5 and dominating the Pacific division. But ohhhhh what 1 short month can do to you: 4 losses, shootout win, 5 losses, regulation win. 11 games, 2-8-1…WOW. And you can forget about winning the Pacific division. Right now, the Stars are focused on picking up the pieces and getting back into the top 8.

Looking at the Predators: The Predators are desperate right now…desperate for goals that is. 6 goals in 5 games (including being shut out twice) just wont cut it, ESPECIALLY for a team that HAS to have 3 goals to win a game. As a friend of mine, who is a die-hard Red Wings fan, told me today, “Those 1-0, 2-0, and 2-1 games are how position is gained and games are won! 3 goals a game is a lot to ask out of any offense!”. Yeah…that’s true, that’s VERY true. Too bad we can’t WIN those games. Here is the stat, folks, for anyone that wants it:

When scoring 3 goals: The Predators are 28-4-1
When scoring LESS than 3 goals: The Predators are 3-18-7

If it makes you feel any better, we were just as bad last year when scoring less than 3 goals (9-23-4)

For the Stars to win: The Stars need help from everyone on their team to chip in and participate for them to be able to pull this one out. With Brad Richards still on the mend, the Stars need to find they’re missing offense and find it fast. They’re averaging right around 2 goals a game during their miserable month of February, but just like the Preds, they can’t win those tight games. If they are to win, they need to score. It’s pretty simple for the Stars

For the Predators to win: Get back to basics and learn to play 60 minutes of hockey. If the Predators play for 60 minutes and shoot the puck every chance they get. I tried this before, and it worked, so I am going to do it again. Here are words of wisdom for some of the players that have earned my ire, and no more than 4 words each:

Legwand: Quit being so lazy

Erat: Shoot the puck, sniper



Dumont: @#$& !@#$ $%$^ #$@!

Wilson: Where are you at?

Klein: Please play some defense

O’Brien: Quit taking stupid penalties

and finally, no ire here, but I need to give him four words:

Geoffrion: Welcome to the show

Prediction: NONE. I’m superstitious, so maybe if I QUIT making predictions, they’ll win a game?

Thanks for reading!