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Gameday Thoughts – Nashville @ Detroit, Thrilla in Detroit-a


Well, there comes a time in every season where there is ONE particular game that you REALLY look forward to. For whatever reason it is: whether it’s due to a rivalry, maybe a dirty hit and you’re looking forwarding to seeing revenge exacted, or maybe…maybe it’s to answer that age old question of “What happens next?” Well tonight, I think we get a really good chance of truly finding out what happens next when the Preds play against Detroit in the Motor City.

This morning, more articles were released from Bryan Mullen at The Tennessean about Trotz really cracking the whip on his players during practice, after practice, before practice, in the locker room, at the lunch table, in the bathroom, you name it? He was there, telling them to shoot that piece of vulcanized (not carbonized, thanks for the correction Section106!) black rubber at the net until their arms fall off. Against Detroit, this isn’t just a small tidbit of “news” that each of the players needs to have in the back of their head, however it’s something that can make or break this game.

Shots = goals

Everyone knows it, the players try it, the coaches preach it, the fans yell it, John Madden seem pretty sure too. It seems pretty simple for everyone to remember, in my opinion.

BUT back to the topic in hand. DEE-TROIT

This game will determine who wins the division, you can MARK THOSE WORDS NOW

If the Preds skate in here, stand in awe of the Wings, and get pummelled like they did in October (which I was there for, unfortunately), then they will not only lose this game AND the division (most likely, as they will be 9 points back), but they will start the Chicago shuffle out of the top 8. [yes, that’s a prod at the Blackhawks, ANY chance I can get]

But…if the Preds come in here and treat Detroit in THEIR barn like the Blue Jackets treat them, then they will not only start on a multi-game win streak (with some serious games against the Avs/Sharks/Canucks/Coyotes next) to stay alive in the playoff hunt, but will give them the fuel they need to catch up to the Red Wings in the division hunt.

The Preds have a whole bunch of talent coming back to their team too: Svatos here in another week, O’Reilly in 2-3, and hopefully David Poile’s mystery “top 6 forward” that he said he “will” be going after, and we can only hope for positive news on Cube/Lombardi…however it really will be all for naught if they don’t right the ship tonight and get a huge 2 points.

It’s time that the Predators look up and see that the road to the playoffs is ending a lot quicker than they had thought it would

It’s time the Predators realize that NO ONE should be winning this Central Division crown but them.

It’s time the Predators go into Detroit looking like a “middle-of-the-pack” team and come out looking like one of the league’s “elite”

They know what they have to do against the Wings tonight, Trotz has spoken up and actually called out some of them in hopes of lighting that proverbial fire…however, the real question is…will it work?