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Sweet Sixteen: Predators Rally, Hand Blue Jackets 16th Straight Loss in Nashville, 3-2

Courtesy of ESPN Taking A Look At My Prediction: In my pre-game thoughts, here’s what I said “N/A” I didn’t make any prediction for the last couple of games, because I’m getting a bit superstitious and now I’m 1-1 when not making predictions Special Teams: Powerplay – 1 for 2, 50% Powerplay For The Season – 32 for 210, 15.2%, 27th in the...

Columbus & Nashville: Why This is THE Most Important Game of the Season

There comes a point in EACH season for the Nashville Predators where there is ONE defining moment that the fans, the players, the coaches, everyone will remember for the rest of the year. That point will come today. When the Predators and Jackets take the ice in about two and a half hours, there are two feelings that will leave the ice at the end of the game:...

Gameday Thoughts – Stars VS Predators: Game 62

The Predators come in to Dallas, TX and play against the Stars in game 62 for the Predators. Looking at the Stars: Whew, you think the Predators are having it bad right now? Be happy you’re not a Stars fan. Oh the end of January was such a good time for the Stars, they were 30-15-5 and dominating the Pacific division. But ohhhhh what 1 short month can do...

Frustrations Loom, Placing Blame, and Finding Hope

It was a dark and stormy night… Sounds like a good way to start this article, right? So, let’s try this again: It was a dark and stormy night in the Country Music capitol. A swirling vortex of doom loomed above the city…however it was no tornado, it was the energy and passion of about 16,000 Predators fans being sucked from their spirits as...

Gameday Thoughts – Blackhawks VS Predators: Game 61 – It’s Time

Tonight, the Blackhawks come in to Nashville, TN and play against the Predators in game 61 for the Predators. Looking at the Blackhawks: They’re coming in on a 2 game win streak, have only lost one game in regulation in the past 7, and are playing what could only be considered playoff hockey at this point. The Blackhawks also are 4th overall in goals...

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